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Minibus Hire Handsworth

Utmost safety, convenience and comfort are what most; if not all Birmingham residents are looking for in a 16 - 18 seater minibus for hire. This is necessitated by the rampant increase in health-related complications due to sub-standard conditions in such minibuses. At Minibus Hire Birmingham, we have the mandate to see to it that you arrive at your holiday destination alive and happy.

We have won the hearts of our clients globally, by our dedication to satisfy your immediate needs. It is our goal to ensure that your backache problem vanishes completely during your road-trips, excursions, holidays and pickups with us. This will be ensured by our highly customized 8-10 seat minibus with super comfortable and adjustable seats. They also come equipped with Birmingham trackers to guarantee your safety all the way.

Our minibuses and coaches are modern, all from world-class manufacturers. Our popularity has extended far and wide, thanks to our uniqueness in terms of vehicle customization. You will enjoy first class music, as you sip your glass of a cold and refreshing drink of your choice. Our prices are extremely affordable to all. If you have suffered from constant back and knee aches, you should fear not. Our 12 – 14 seater minibus is endowed with a super comfortable seat, which you can adjust to accommodate your sore back; the only one of its kind.

Minibus hire Handsworth takes you to Birmingham's finest town - Handsworth.It is a common destination because most of Birmingham's events were held in Handsworth Park. If you like the celebration of events such as the Birmingham Festival, Tatoo, Dogshow or Handsworth Carnival, you will surely love this town. This is because its park has hosted such celebrations in the past.

Handsworth Park is centrally located in Handsworth town. It is about 63 acres in size and is a common attraction to history lovers, children and for dog walking. You can visit this park if you wish to relax with your children on a Sunday afternoon.

Our drivers' criminal records are clean. We have entrusted you onto the hands of professionals who love their jobs. They know Handsworth inside-out. They will explain to you more about the town, it's beautiful sites and features. Your map and GPS is therefore rendered useless during your trip with us. We are at your service all through the way.

The air conditioner in the 8 – 10 seater minibus or coach will ensure that you are in an environment with a controlled temperature. You will never experience those shameful and despicable instances of extreme stuffiness and heat in vehicles for hire. Our experts will ensure that your minibus or coach leaves with everything intact and in good condition. Nothing will go wrong during your trip.

We have always advocated for team work. This is why we work closely together to give you the most riveting travel experiences. Our other services include: coach hire (for larger numbers of passengers), pick up from the airport, drop off and self drives. You can enjoy these amazing offers throughout Birmingham. Feel free to contact us one to two days before your holiday or colleagues' trip.

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