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At Minibus Hire Birmingham, our main goal is to ensure that our clients arrive to their destination safely and with the maximum comfort and convenience that they can get. This is the reason why we will do everything possible to ensure that our coaches and minibuses are tuned with all the necessary safety and comfort measures. We know that you want peace when you want to go for holiday and to take care of this we have gone to great depths to ensure that the process that you will go through before you get a minibus from us is very short and time saving.

We have modern top of the range minibuses that are from top vehicle manufacturers and they are custom made to ensure that anybody who travels in them travels safely and very comfortably.  Another thing that makes us very popular with many people in Birmingham is the cost of our services. Our services are very affordable and therefore they will easily fit very well in your budget. Our services are open to anyone in Birmingham therefore do not hesitate to contact us and ask for them.

We have a large number of minibuses that allows us to constantly provide our clients with minibuses as per their requirements even during the holiday season when they are in very high demand. We choose our minibuses very carefully so that we are able to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients. All of these minibuses are well maintained by competent technicians so you can be rest assured that they will not disappoint. They all have extras like modern entertainment systems, air conditioners, Birmingham tracking devices to enhance your safety, comfortable reclining seats that will not leave you with backaches and we also have coolers for drinks.

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To achieve customer satisfaction, we are ready and willing to do anything that is within our power. Irrespective of the size of the group that you are travelling with, you will find a vehicle from among our fleet. We have vehicles of different sizes hence you will be able to pick one that fits your group perfectly. With us, you won't have to throw comfort out of the window or to take a minibus that is too large for your team hence end up paying more than you should.

One popular site that is visited by many people is the tower of Birmingham. This tower has been in existence for over 900 years and it is very famous for the many historical items that are found inside it. Being residents of Birmingham, most of our drivers are well conversant with the area and they will add value to the services that you get from us by giving you some background information about the region that you plan to visit. They will also ensure that you can relax and concentrate on enjoying your holiday since you will not worry about routes or maps. Other places that you can visit include the Birmingham Wheel, the British Museum and the National Gallery.

Our services are very flexible to ensure that you get exactly what you want from us. We perform airport pick up and drop offs for our clients to ensure that all our clients are as comfortable as possible. If you would like to drive yourself around as you enjoy your trip, we have this taken care of.  If you tell us that you want the self-drive option, you will be required to show evidence that you are a competent driver and a bus will be availed to you. You can then explore the roads and the many attractions of the city. If you need a driver, we still have you in mind and we will provide you with competent drivers for the task.

All our drivers have good criminal records so you can be sure that they will not do anything that will compromise your security. They meet all qualifications and legal standards therefore they will be able to meet up to your expectations and the requirements of your trip. All you have to do is to let us know the services that you require at least one day before and we will give you the services just as you want them.

We also offer coach hire services for the clients who are in a large number that can't be contained in a minibus. These services are also available all over Birmingham and with many varying options like airport pick-ups and drop offs, self-driven where you provide the driver for the trip and airport transfers among others. The services are available for a wide range of uses like school trips, holidays with friends or even team building with colleagues.

Due to the ever increasing transport costs, transporting people from one location to another is becoming difficult these days. This situation appears to be more difficult especially for people travelling in a large group because the transportation costs will increase as the number of people increases. This is the primary reason Minibus Hire Birmingham is dedicated to offer affordable transport services within Birmingham area.

At Minibus Hire Birmingham we intend to make life easier for you by providing reliable and timely transport services. We have a broad range of minibuses that are ready to take you to any area in Birmingham. If you are travelling in a larger group, we also have vehicles that can transport larger number of people ensuring that you don't incur large costs especially if you are travelling with your family or a team of friends. For you take advantage of these amazing transport benefits, all you need is to do is to contact us and explain what you need.

Our vehicles are usually well-maintained and serviced regularly to ensure that they are in good working condition. The last thing we want is a stranded client just because the vehicle malfunctioned unexpectedly. Besides, all our vehicles are equipped with entertainment systems including DVD and CD players. These can be used with the screens that are installed in these vehicles to ensure that our clients don't get bored during the trips. We have also included air conditioners and other features that will make your journey more comfortable.

We also offer coach hire services for those travelling in large groups. One of the advantages of using our coach hire services is that you will end up saving more money than transporting each individual in a separate vehicle. At MHB, we usually charge pocket-friendly prices for coach hire services and if you are travelling in a smaller group, you can choose your preferred minibus hire package.

If you wish to drive yourself, all you need to do is to prove to us that you can drive effectively in the busy streets of Birmingham or you have someone who can drive safely. The self-drive vehicles are very popular because if you decide to go for one, you will be able to enjoy the journey with your family or friends without any intruder in your midst. With that, everyone will be free to discuss anything they want.

It is worth noting that all our Vehicles are fitted with GPS tracking system to ensure that even for those who intend to drive themselves will not get lost. Also, even if you have never driven this tracking system will guide you. If you need a driver, our drivers are usually kind and friendly to the clients. You should feel free to interact with them.

The convenience and reliability of transport services is what counts especially for people attending business meetings, going for vacations, and generally for those who don't want to be late for whatever reasons. MHB is dedicated to offer such transport services. Try us and you will never regret your decision.

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